Too many toys

Toys is one department that I have never really done tons of research into even though it’s such an integral part of the twins childhood. I think this is partly because the twins got the bulk of their toys as hand me downs from their cousins. I would say we only really started buying toys after they turned 2. There are a few things that I have gently encouraged such as arts and crafts or cooking but everything else in the playroom is based on their interests.

Until now I thought that they didn’t have enough toys! However a few things have happened recently which made me question the value of having all these toys. I noticed that they had started squabbling a lot more and playing less with their toys. When they were happily playing together it wasn’t with any toys! So I turned to Google. Turns out less is more in this department. I had previously been interested in Steiner Waldorf schools so I had some idea of what the possible benefits are of limited toys I just never thought I could make it effective in my own home! I have linked some great blog articles, which helped me make my decision to cut down on the toys. The idea is not to eliminate all toys but to be selective. Its only been two days since I shifted the bulk of their toys to the basement and I have already seen a huge difference. I’m excited to see how this goes and as with every parenting decision I pray this is best for us and for them.

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Happy playing xx


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