Gardening with toddlers

Growing up I remember my mum would love hanging baskets full of purple and pink fuchsias and I would occasionally help with potting plants for the window boxes but that really was the extent of the gardening I did.

Now with two active toddlers I am more often than not in the garden with them. They really love being outside and on most days I have to bribe them to come in! Their love for being in the outside is the reason I took to gardening. I am still very much an amateur gardener but with the help of Google and advice from grandparents I am finding my way.

The goal is to create an amazing outdoor space for the boys and with the help of Pinterest I now have a million and one ideas on how to do this. It is definitely a work in progress and with the twins “helping” progress can be delayed to say the least.

Here are some lessons I have learnt spending time with the twins in the garden:

  • Tools – If you’re going to be using gardening tools, it is likely your toddler will want in on the fun. There are a lot of gardening tools on the market for kids. I bought the boys tools as we went along since I was also learning what we needed for the garden. I found a great range of Garant Kids tools from Lowes, they are all plastic and the perfect size for little hands. For hand tools I bought a great tool kit for indoor plants from the dollar store. These indoor plant tools are great for kids because they are small but not too small that they don’t actually do anything. Lastly the boys wanted gloves like mama and luckily I had bought a multi-pack of Gardena gloves from Costco so I had enough for the three of us but of course these would keep them happy for a little while and then they would slip off. I found some kids gloves at the dollar store but they aren’t very comfortable so I’m still on the hunt for better ones!
  • Gardening patch – Once you buy them the tools you have to give them a space where they can actually use them! So before you loose all sanity because they’re digging up your annuals designate an area of the garden for all the digging, raking and scooping they want to do.
  • Outdoor Toys – Depending on how long you are spending outside chances are that your kids will want a change of activity. I keep the boys outdoor toys accessible so when they are bored of digging up the mud they can keep playing while I continue tackling the jungle that is our flower beds.
  • Experience – Gardening is such a great learning experience for kids! There’s so much to see, touch, smell, hear and even taste; the birds chirping, the wiggly worms, the slimy slugs, the smell of blossoms in spring and the taste of fresh herbs the list could go on. Besides all the exploring they can also develop new skills through helping with even the most basic gardening chores such as raking or weeding.

Our garden is in no way perfect but we are working on it and the best thing is that we are doing it together!

Happy gardening xx





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