Cupcake crawl

Like a lot of people I jumped on the “cupcake crazy” band wagon when cupcakes suddenly became the next best thing since running water. I started baking them at home quite often, trying to master the perfect cupcake. However, as much as baking cupcakes yourself is fun and rewarding, eating professionally crafted cupcakes is even better. Our first stop in my cupcake crawl is London where I have shortlisted two of my favorite:

hbakeryThe Hummingbird Bakery, 155a Wardour Street Soho London

The Hummingbird Bakery has 6 stores across London as well as two franchises in Dubai. The cupcakes here are to die for; they’re moist, they have just the right consistency, not too dense and yet not too fluffy. Lastly the frosting is thankfully not overly sweet, which can really kill a cupcake when it is. To conclude these cupcakes are well worth the walk or even plane journey!

Lola’s Cupcakes, Selfridges Food Court London

When I was at university Lola’s would be an occasional treat on those days when we thought we deserved a cupcake for our hard work or there lack of. The cupcakes are of course amazing; moist, tasty however depending on the cupcake, the frosting can be too sweet.

mollysMolly’s Cupcakes, 228 Bleeker Street New York

Molly’s cupcakes was created by John Nicolaides who named the bakery after his third grade school teacher. Molly used to bake cupcakes for students on their birthdays, today John tries to replicate the taste although says they have had to adjust the recipes to cater for the larger quantities. I also love the fact that a part of the profits go to benefit schools in the area. Molly’s has earned quite a reputation thanks to its numerous accolades so I was really hoping they lived up to the hype and they did!

2 little red hensTwo Little Red Hens, 1652 2nd Avenue (86th Street) Upper East Side New York

Two Little Red Hens has a very homely feel to it, there’s only 3 small tables and a few bar stools. The walls are covered with cute bits and bobs. We ended up here twice in one week because the cupcakes were so good and we loved the atmosphere.

bakeryPrairie Girl Bakery, 18 King Street East Toronto

Prairie Girl Bakery is regarded as one of Toronto’s best. The Prairie Girl bakery stresses upon its old fashioned method of baking and that does come across in their cupcakes, they taste like the ones you make at home. That could be good or bad depending on how your cupcakes normally turn out!

Well that’s the end of my cupcake journey for now I’m sure I will be adding new favorites to this post soon.

Happy cupcake eating xx

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