Baking with the twins

I started baking with the boys a few months back. We were spending a lot of time indoors because of the weather and I was desperate for new ways to entertain them. I had to fight my tendency to avoid messy activities and just let them have fun. It’s a work in progress but the more we bake the less they spill out of their bowls and the more fun it becomes as they learn the names of different ingredients. Today they told me that I need to put more baking powder in! 

I don’t use a mixer with them I like doing it the old school way. I probably have my home economics teacher to thank for that and the fear that they will stick their fingers in the mixer to see “how it works”. They both have a bowl and a spoon and they mix as I add things into their bowls. It works out well because while they mix I run around finding and measuring the next ingredient. At the end I take their bowls give it one last mix and stick it in the oven. 

Since baking with the twins I have tweaked recipes in ways which would seem sacrilege to any baker but to my surprise the end result is still delicious! Two adaptations I do without fail are firstly I reduce the sugar in the recipe and secondly I melt the butter instead of just softening it. I find you can significantly reduce the amount of sugar in most recipes without impairing the taste and the melted butter is just easier for them to work with. The next stage would be to start getting them to help me with lunch and dinner prep,, however that may not go as smoothly!

Happy Baking xx

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